Are you in the process of deciding who should be the one to build your dream home?

As part of the Urban Homes experience we believe in having honest, direct and open  communication with our client’s from the very beginning.

This outline has been created to provide you with some feedback and answers to our most frequently asked questions –

This outline will help you to relieve some of your worries, make an informed decision, simplify the purchase and construction processes and therefore provide you with the best end result.

Our aim is to build your new home on time, within budget and with no unplanned surprise costs along the way.

Will the block be inspected by the builder prior to the final quotation to ensure it is suitable to build the kind of home you want on it?

Our team visit every site to ensure that the site orientation, access, and other
matters are all evaluated prior to the final quotation. Every building site is unique and a number of factors must be reviewed and addressed prior to deposit. The site can affect your lifestyle & home design choices.

Why are “Soil Tests” and “Site Levels” so important?

A soil test is necessary to thoroughly understand your site’s composition and determine what lies beneath the surface. Once a soil test has been completed foundations can designed and priced accurately.

Similarly site levels must be thoroughly assessed to determine the fall of your block, which may identify additional needs in regards to retaining and foundations.

If I don’t like the design or it doesn’t quite fit our needs can I change it? What will it cost?

When you first meet with Urban Homes or are visiting our display home, we invite you to sit down and spend some time with us reviewing your design choices. If you are able to find a design from our standard range which meets your needs and budget this could pose a substantial saving for you.

If you prefer a custom home with some individuality or would like to make some design changes to our standard range, Urban Homes are happy to adapt our designs to meet your needs.

All of our standard designs have flexibility, which means that they can be easily adapted to meet your requirements, whether it is an additional bathroom/ bedroom or other design changes.

Where do the largest cost overruns come from?

Unfortunately many builders do not complete soil tests and levels before providing you with a final fixed price quotation. Possibly the largest unplanned expense during construction relates to foundations, storm water, sewer and retaining. The uncertainty can be easily eliminated by some careful planning and investigation.

Do I have the ability to make changes to a plan I like?

We provide a design service which enables you to make changes to fit the needs and wants of your family. Thus ensuring your new home is complete with the additions that meet the wants of your lifestyle.

Our flexibility ensures that all considerations have been addressed during the design process such as;
a)      Views
b)      Orientation : North, South, East, West etc
c)       Site levels, gradients etc
d)      Neighbours
e)      Private areas & their locations
f)       Optimising of your site.
g)      Meeting statutory requirements.

Are there specific requirements or restrictions which I should be aware of?

Each area and their specified council can vary in their requirements, restrictions, covenants, council standards, etc. Even set back boundaries can affect a design and its suitability to your site.
Ensure that your builder has a good relationship and understanding of your local area  and its council’s requirements.
Urban Homes have worked hard to garner a good understanding of all areas and their councils across Southern Tasmania.


What is included as standard in the inclusions, what is additional?

Urban Homes has a standard inclusions list as a starting point. We suggest that you review this thoroughly and compare this to your needs.

If you do wish to make additions or changes ensure that these are done upfront so that you are clear on what your costs will be and that they fit with your budget.

Our inclusion lists are available for review just ask


Does my quotation cover all inclusions? Is it comprehensive in what it outlines?

Like most businesses, builders establish relationships with their own preferred suppliers, sometimes this may limit your selection of fixtures and fittings.
Urban Homes has developed long standing relationships with some of Australia’s largest suppliers in an effort to provide you with a wide range of inclusions in our standard range.
These relationships also mean that in the unlikely event that you do select an item outside our standard range that we have negotiated deals for these items on your behalf as well. We are more than happy to price these non-standard items for you upfront to avoid hidden surprises later down the track.

If there are particular items which you envisage that you would like to change or upgrade there is a considerable cost saving by doing so at the quotation stage.



Does the builder have a dedicated Construction Supervisor who will manage the construction of my home?

At Urban Homes we will have a dedicated Construction Supervisor to ensure that not only is our Site Manager’s attentive to the needs & wants of each individual client but they are also focused on the high quality of standards we demand to be met on all of our homes.

Can we talk to the Construction Supervisor who will be in charge of the building of our home?

Absolutely, Urban Homes believe that it is imperative that you have direct contact with your Site Supervisor who will ultimately be responsible for the construction of your new dream home.

This is quite possibly the largest and most important purchase you will make in your lifetime, by having direct contact with our Site Supervisor, Urban Homes clients are provided with peace of mind. Together you can detect and resolve any issues or concerns that you may have throughout the construction process directly, which will potentially save you stress, time and money.

Am I able to visit the site during construction?

Unfortunately strict WH&S regulations have enabled many builders to lock you out of your own land and not allow entry to your new home until completion.
Urban Homes we maintain the highest of WH&S standards, but we also believe that it is important for you to have access to your new home and witness it all coming together.

This however must be done by appointment so that one of our authorised representatives, or your Construction Supervisor can accompany you and ensure your safety on site. Our supervisors are more than happy to do this at the following stages throughout construction:
1)      Slab
2)      Frame
3)      Pre-Plaster
4)      Fit-out
5)      Completion

We are always looking for other ways to improve our service, if you have further questions you’d like answered please do not hesitate to contact us.


Get all of these inclusions standard at Urban Homes.  

  • Curved glass exhaust canopy, s/s oven & glass touch control cook top
  • Double bowl sink
  • Your choice of freestanding bath or bath in island setting
  • Glass shelf to each shower
  • Wall hung vanities
  • Porcelain toilet suites
  • Full split system air-conditioning
  • Security screens
  • Tiles to Bathroom/ Toilet floors
  • Feature entrance door
  • Mirror sliding robe doors
  • Carpets to bedrooms and living
  • Insulation for 6 Star Rating
  • Automatic garage door (If garage in design)
  • Colour driveway
  • Generous provision of power points
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Stainless steel laundry tub
  • Hot water system 160 electric
  • Clothesline
  • Genuine COLORBOND roof
  • NBN wired and ready
  • Colour consultation with our interior designer
  • All services fees and applications
  • Genuine fixed price


Your building experience starts with a meeting with one of our consultants

In this meeting please browse our existing floor plans

If you can’t find one of these to suit your needs then we can adapt one or start fresh to suit your needs

These are the main steps that you will encounter before the building process starts.

An Urban Homes representative will be there every step of the way guiding you and organising all aspects for you.

Design stage

  • Select from our standard urban range
  • or Change one of our standard Urban range
  • or Design a custom Urban Home
  • Meeting with our colour and interior consultant
  • Engineering
  • Soil Report
  • Site levels and land survey

Contract Stage

  • Final design and price
  • Contract signed

Regulatory Stage

  • Final design to Building Surveyor
  • Building surveyor’s CLC and associated documents forming application to the relevant council
  • Approved documents

Construction Stage?